Design with Nature: Flowers and Butterflies

This is one of a series of postings about enameling and art metalwork. It is based primarily on my work in the 1980s. I am not a master of these arts, but I hope this fact will be an advantage in communicating the basics, in simple terms, to readers who are not already familiar with them. The series is not intended to instruct in procedures, but solely to impart an appreciation of the art forms involved.

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For enamels based on flowers and butterflies, my design concepts were narrow and specialized, and I produced relatively few pieces.

In flowers, my principal interest was in presenting subtle gradations of delicate colors. I found these most often in orchids. Shown here: a pin, two pendants, and earrings showing orchids and a leaf bud.

Orch3Pin-02     Orch4Pnd-01    Orchid-02

OrchEarryy-01     Orch2Earr-03    Leafbud 300

I never produced an enamel piece showing the complete body of a butterfly. My interest was in the minute patterns and colors that could best be seen with a magnifying glass. These usually gave the appearance of an abstract design, but only the first two are frankly abstract.

            BflyAbstr3 5 copy            BflyAbstr 1 Scanned-01

The rest of the pieces show the tiny patterns with as much realism as I could achieve.


Bfly earr 06 (3)         BflyBtn

BtrflyPnd1-03           BtrflyEar-03

The leaf bud earrings were produced by the champlevé technique; all other pieces are cloisonné.